The Benefits of Investing in Walmart: What You Need to Know
Nov 15, 2023 By Triston Martin

Amazon has become the go-to eCommerce giant, but Walmart still has something to offer. The company is constantly innovating and investing in ways to make shopping easier for both their customers and investors - often with huge returns. So if you had any thoughts about Amazon taking away Walmart's business, think again. Here are the key benefits of investing in the company.

1) Price: Walmart consistently keeps their prices affordable which helps people save money on groceries, furniture and more.

2) Store Experience: Walmart has been investing in improving their stores. They have also recently invested in technology to make the shopping experience more comfortable and efficient. Their goal is to reinvent store visits for the future. This can potentially boost sales for big-ticket items as well as increase customer loyalty.

3) Tech: Walmart has made significant investments into cutting-edge tech that allows its customers to shop on their phone or computer and then pick up their orders at the Walmart store of their choice – with no additional cost! It makes it easy for customers to buy things from home through a trusted name like Walmart, and not have to worry about shipping costs or being scammed by a third party (always a concern when shopping online).

4) Logistics: Walmart has been investing in its transportation and logistics systems to keep up with the growing e-commerce needs. This is important because they can save customers money faster, especially if they are constantly running out of products.

5) Innovation: Walmart has established itself as a go-to spot for affordable goods and low prices, but it also continues to innovate with services like same-day grocery delivery, which requires pretty robust logistics and infrastructure.

6) International Expansion: Recently, Walmart announced it will be increasing investment into many countries to gain new customers. This is seen as a great move considering the slowdown in business growth within the United States and Europe.

7) Expansion: Walmart continues to expand by opening new stores, both online and in-store, to better serve its customers. This is one of the best ways for investors to make money!

8) Culture: Since Walmart is a discount store, it could potentially be considered more reliable when it comes to returns and customer satisfaction. However, this may depend on your views on budgeting. Low prices are definitely a draw for some customers but others may not be pleased with the fact that small items can't be returned because of their very nature as cheap things (they often don't have tags so consumers can't get a refund).

9) People: Walmart has a very loyal workforce. And to maintain this, it offers its employees excellent health benefits, a very generous 401k plan and bonuses. It is worth noting that many of the perks that Walmart offers to its employees are not offered by Amazon (health benefits, stock bonuses etc.).

10) Walmart's commitment to the environment by investing in renewable energy, energy reduction initiatives, improved packaging and a variety of other ways. The company has stated that it aims to help keep our world clean and safe for future generations.

11) The company's low risk- Walmart's debt to asset ratio is 1.74% which means that the company is not taking on a lot of debt. Its high return on assets also demonstrates that it can efficiently use the capital it has and generate a lot of money from it.

12) The company's long history in business- Walmart was created in 1962, and since then it has been reorganized and transformed into one of America's largest companies. It is one of the world's most successful businesses and has huge security for investors.

13) The company's many acquisitions- Walmart has acquired about 100 smaller companies in the past decade, which means that it is keeping its eye on possible opportunities for growth. These acquisitions play an important role in helping the company improve its products and service as well as expand into new markets. Acquiring smaller companies can also help Walmart reduce costs, gain better market share, increase revenue and profits as well as improve its financial position. The different acquisitions strengthen its core business while they help it grow into new areas and build a solid foundation to keep growing its business in the future.

14) The company's competitive advantage- Walmart has some competitive advantages because it has scale, global presence, and supply chain.

15) Improving its social media presence- Walmart is improving its social media presence with the goal of increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction. It is helping them improve their image by providing a variety of videos on YouTube, photos on Instagram and ads on Facebook so they can keep customers up to date and attract new ones as well.

16) The company's global presence- Walmart is present in over 10,500 stores in over 24 countries. These stores are all over the world, which means that the company can easily export and import products.

17) The company's transparency- Walmart presents a lot of information to its stakeholders, which helps investors understand how the company is performing and what changes should be expected. It also helps them prepare for future events and predict whether or not the stock will be valuable.


With all of these factors in mind, it's obvious that investing in Walmart can lead to a lot of money saved as well as returns on investment. They have proven themselves to be extremely adaptable and willing to take calculated risks in order to offer their customers the most convenient experience possible. Their commitment to their customers and employees is clear, which ultimately makes them a great place to invest in.