Best Features of Unum Life Insurance
Dec 07, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Because they do not sell life insurance policies to individuals, the only way to get one is to obtain employment with a company that provides such plans for its employees. The business has a high financial strength rating, which indicates that it is likely to be able to satisfy future insurance claims. Additionally, the business has had fewer complaints than would be anticipated for a firm of its size.


  • AM Best has given Unum an A grade, which indicates that the company has "Excellent" financial strength. Solid financial ratings
  • Consumers have access to educational resources on the website, which may assist them in determining the sort of coverage they need and the appropriate amount of coverage.
  • Online claim filing allows policyholders to avoid having to download forms and send them in via mail by instead allowing them to submit claims and upload supporting documentation online.
  • Unum got a far lower number of customer complaints than anticipated, suggesting that the company's total customer satisfaction levels are rather high.


  • There are only term and whole life insurance products available via Unum.
  • On the Unum website, there is no function for users to use if they are looking for immediate responses to their inquiries.

Complaint Index

Each year, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) computes a complaint index for each insurance provider, which measures the number of customer complaints the provider received compared to the provider's market share.

If an insurance provider has a complaint index of 1.00, it indicates that the firm has received the average number of complaints for its size. If the index is less than 1, the company got fewer complaints than anticipated. If its index is higher than 1.00, it got a bigger number of complaints than was anticipated. The three-year average complaint index for Unum is 0.27, which indicates that during that period, the firm received a much lower number of complaints than one could have anticipated for a business of its size.

Ratings from a Third Party

AM Best is a credit rating service that evaluates the monetary stability of insurance firms using a letter scale that ranges from A++ to D, with A++ being the highest rating and D representing the lowest rating. Unum was given the rating of A (Outstanding), which indicates that AM Best considers the firm to be in an excellent position to satisfy its continuing insurance obligations, including the payment of claims.

Policies Available

Term life and whole life are the two types of life insurance plans that Unum provides.

Term Life

Your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit from your term life insurance policy for as long as the policy is in effect. Still, term life insurance is not intended to offer permanent coverage. If a policy is not renewed before the end of its term, its coverage will be canceled. It is possible to get it renewed annually if you have group coverage.

Total Existence

Whole life insurance is a kind of permanent coverage that accumulates a cash value over time and is intended to provide coverage for the insured person for their whole life. It is more costly than term insurance, but you have the potential to access the cash value over your life, and if you quit your employment, you can take the policy with you.

Available Riders

A life insurance policy may add additional components called riders, which can extend or raise the coverage. Some may be included for free, while others would cost an additional charge.

Accelerated Death Benefit: Terminal Illness

An expedited death benefit rider is available from Unum for those diagnosed with a terminal disease. If a doctor determines that you have a terminal disease, you are eligible to receive a part of the death benefit early, thanks to this provision. Although being supplied at no extra cost, this benefit is subject to administrative costs, which will lower the amount of the death benefit that is paid out to your beneficiaries.

Children's Term Rider

Adding a child term rider to your existing life insurance policy is one option to offer life insurance coverage for your current children and any children you may have in the future without having to buy a separate policy for each kid.

Waiver of Premium Rider

With a waiver of premium rider, if you become disabled, you won't have to make premium payments for as long as you continue incapacitating, often after an elimination period.

Assistance to Customers

Unum provides information on the many customer support channels available to its customers on its website. You may get in touch with the customer service department of your life insurance company by calling (866) 679-3054.